Video Game Cash Tournaments

Video: Video Game Cash Tournaments Can Be Legal

Video game cash tournaments may be the next big monetization channel for multiplayer video games. Thanks to online infrastructure and a maturing legal policies, video game cash tournaments can enable developers to benefit from a new monetization channel that can also bring big winnings to players.

Video game cash tournaments could excel in Call of Duty.
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Online skill-based tournaments of video games can collect fees for competition entry, and split fees between the game maker and the competition winners. CONSULGAMER wrote about the potential in a 2013 opinion piece.

Watch the twenty-six minute video below for a talk on legalities and pitfalls to watch out for, actual revenue and engagement metrics and details on service provider CashPlay.

This discussion with CashPlay Founder & CEO Jarrod Epps occurred at the Casual Connect conference on July 24th, 2014.

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