Video: Extending the Life of F2P Games

Extending the life of F2P games is an obvious goal for any publisher, but F2P game publisher RockYou has built an entire business around this goal.

RockYou acquires older active F2P games from publishers, and alters and manages the game post-acquisition to extend a title’s active life and its revenue potential.

Extending the Life of F2P Games
RockYou’s strategy for extending the life of F2P games

The company excels at stabilizing DAU (Daily Active Users) better than most in the industry, with decay rates often between 1-3%.

RockYou CEO Lisa Marino says maintaining a low decay rate is based on providing the gamer what they want.

“You’ve got to value your player base,” says Marino. “Give them more of what they want.”

F2P Game Decay Rate
F2P Game Decay Rate


Consistency of messaging is also important.

“You’ve got to message and communicate to them and keep the community very much engaged,” says Marino. “You’ve got to find a model and a cadence for sales, collectibles and other types of elements that get players excited and competitive and talking on our chat board. “

Last, Marino advises giving player’s many options to stay involved in the game. Some players are never going to pay for anything, but by offering intelligent incentives to view advertisements, some of her players will watch 30-40 videos a day to stay involved. Some players prefer to grind, and Marino encourages these game features for those player segments.

“Giving users the opportunity to play the way they want is really critical for us in keeping the long tail going,” says Marino.

F2P Player Segments
A game’s earliest payers are also the ones most likely to stay the longest. 

Marino’s full presentation from Casual Connect can be viewed below. Slides from her presentation can be downloaded here.

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