Mobile Game User Segments

Video: Redefining Mobile Game User Segments for Core and Midcore Users

With each year mobile devices get closer to the fidelity of the latest home consoles, but does that mean mobile game user segments should be treated the same as on consoles?

Just because a mobile device can present a full console game experience does not mean it should.

Sandeep Shetty, AVP Product of Reliance Games, recommends developers evaluate core and midcore users differently in mobile games.

In the webcast below presented at Casual Connect, Shetty highlights the distinctions between mobile and console gamers, and details how well defined mobile game user segments should drive game design.

Mobile Game User Segments
Mobile Game User Segments

The twenty-four minute presentation can be viewed below.  Also available is a free download of the slides, “Redefining Core and Midcore for Mobile Games.”

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