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5 Mobile Game Genre Data Points That Will Impact Your Game

Mobile game genres each behave differently, with their own target audiences, gender preference and monetization potential.

These five points presented at  Casual Connect in July 2014 by Patrick Walker, EEDAR‘s head of Mobile Insights, provide a view leveraging the research and consulting firm’s market research in the space.

1. Why People Play Mobile Games

Mobile Game Genre Consumer Interest
Motivation For Playing Games

People are motivated for many reasons to play mobile games.  The largest driver is the pass time while waiting, or for taking breaks from other activities.

EEDAR’s data indicates that while relaxation is the third-highest reason gamers play mobile games, developers should be aware that youth players are significantly less interested in relaxation.

The firm also points out that while playing multiplayer games with others is only a motivation for 42% of mobile gamers, it is of much higher interest to males over females.

2. Mobile Game Genre Preferences by Gender

Mobile Game Genre Preference by Genre
Mobile Game Genre Preference by Genre

One of the more striking findings by EEDAR is the mobile game genre split by gender.  As illustrated above, specifically at the top and bottom of the chart, many games are overwhelmingly preferred by specific genders.  This information should drive marketing strategies and the selection of IP to support a game’s launch.

3. Mobile Game Genre Market Size

Mobile Game Genre Market Size
Mobile Game Genre Market Size

Specific mobile game genres overwhelm the revenue earned in the mobile game industry, with combat city builder, matching puzzle and casino chance games receiving the lion share of mobile game revenue.  These genres are particularly well-suited for Free to Play monetization methods.

4. Mobile Game Genre Popularity Does Not Guarantee as Revenue

Mobile Game Genre Revenue Size
Mobile Game Genre Revenue Size

The most popular mobile game genres are not necessarily the richest – and EEDAR’s illustration above brings that conclusion strikingly into view.  While Brain Puzzle, Physics Puzzle, Genre Arcade and Endless Runner games are among the most popular game genres, in Q2 of 2014 they had among the lowest total revenue across genres.

In the old premium world of games, popularity of a game directly aligned to revenue, but in a Free to Play world, revenue is much more closely tied to monetization opportunities directly built into a genre’s play mechanics.  As a result, popularity is less of a revenue driver as the format of the game.

5. Detailed Mobile Game Genre Data

Mobile Game Genre ARPDAU
Mobile Game Genre ARPDAU and Player Passion Profiles

Last, we pull the data together, illustrating the full potential of each mobile game genre.  Indicated above is the % of mobile gamers who play each genre, the ARPDAU (average revenue per daily active user) of each genre, and indicator of whether the genre has seen large monetary success, and whether players would label the genre as a favorite of theirs.

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The full presentation from Casual Connect can be viewed below:

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  1. Under number 5. you have a KPI of <$0.10 what does this mean? Is this an ARPU (total) so if I have 1,000,000 I could guess total revenue would be $10M? Is that KPI a monthly number? (same scenario) would I expect $12M a year?

    Thanks for the clarification

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