PlayStation Official League eSports

PlayStation eSports Launches in Spain with PlayStation Official League

PlayStation eSports is here with a new online league in Spain, pitting PlayStation 4 owners against each other for national rankings and prizes including PSN currency for free games and free additional months of PlayStation Plus.

Gamers compete in tournaments featuring PlayStation 4’s most popular titles, including FIFA 15, Call of Duty: Ghosts, Battlefield 4 and War Thunder at launch. Additional titles may be included in the league in the future.

PlayStation eSports Official League
PlayStation eSports Official League

The league isn’t a global service for PlayStation. The tournament is developed and managed by Sony Computer Entertainment Spain, and only available to Spanish gamers. The PlayStation Official League may expand to other regions, depending on performance and engagement.

Registering for the PlayStation Official League

Participants must have PlayStation Plus, a Spanish PlayStation ID and a PlayStation 4.

While Sony does not have any automated verification tools to verify a gamer’s age, they do note that players who are younger than a game’s retail age rating may be restricted from participating.

Registration includes filling out an online form in an internet browser, and providing Sony with a user’s PlayStation ID and an e-mail address for managing the tournament. As a security precaution, Sony will send a verification e-mail to the e-mail address associated with the PlayStation ID.

Sony confirmed players will not ever have to submit an entry fee.

What’s Included in PlayStation’s eSports Tournament?

PlayStation eSports Rankings
PlayStation eSports Rankings

PlayStation Official League launched on October 16th in beta, and any players in Spain can enter. The first season will conclude on January 11th. Throughout the period will be special competitions, temporary tournaments, quick games, and a leaderboard for the full season.

Points are assigned at a per-game level, and also aggregated across the league’s games. Points can be earned by playing games, participating in tournaments, inviting friends to participate and through other activities.

Sony wanted to make sure players could still enjoy the tournament if they joined after the start of the season, and are promising shorter-term tournaments during the season that will provide players with their own unique prizes.

All player matches will be assigned through an automatic mapping system. Players will not be able to request to play against their friends, or to create closed tournaments only with their friends.

Judging the eSports Winners

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 for Wii U
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The PlayStation Official League is unfortunately a manual operation. While points are tallied to user accounts on an official website, they are submitted through a manual process separate from the PlayStation console experience. There is no automated scoring process in place.

Instead, players have to send Sony evidence after a game concludes of who won a match. This can be completed by posting socially using the SHARE functionality of PlayStation 4, or by downloading a screenshot from the game to a USB drive, then uploading it on a computer to the tournament’s website.

This manual verification process opens the door to counterfeit images, and Sony designed a dispute process for these situations. Players can open a ticket, providing screenshot evidence, and Sony Computer Entertainment Spain will review the evidence and provide verdict on the winner – and apply penalties to the offending player.

PlayStation Official League Penalties

Players who do not show up during scheduled time slots for their matches will receive a penalty, and may be eliminated from tournaments in progress.

Opponents who leave a game during play due to a loss of connection or more malicious intent may be banned if this activity occurs on a repeated basis.

Penalties are also applied to users who display unsportsmanlike behavior, submit incorrect results, submit results too late, use strong language, try to cheat, or perform other malicious activities.

Punishments are generally applied on a sliding scale, with players losing 100 points for a first offense, 300 points for a second offense, 500 for a third offense, and 1000 points for a fourth offense. Third offenders may receive temporal punishment, and fourth offenders may be suspended or expulsed from the League.

PlayStation Official League Prizes

There are no million dollar prizes for PlayStation Official League, but as a Pilot, the prizes are enough to motivate players. Sony offers rewards for the overall ranked winner during the season, as well as rewards for each of the season’s games.

General Ranking

  1. PS Plus 1 Year + € 1,000 balance PSN
  2. PS Plus 1 Year + 500 € balance PSN
  3. PS Plus 1 Year + € 250 balance PSN
  4. PS Plus 3 Months + € 100 balance PSN
  5. PS Plus 3 Months + 50 € PSN balance
  6. PS Plus 3 Months
  7. PS Plus 3 Months
  8. PS Plus 3 Months
  9. PS Plus 3 Months
  10. PS Plus 3 Months


  1. FIFA 10,000 PS Plus Points + 1 Year + 500 € balance PSN
  2. FIFA 5000 PS Plus Points + 3 Months + 200 € balance PSN
  3. FIFA 5000 PS Plus Points + 3 Months + € 100 balance PSN

Battlefield 4

  1. Battlefield Battlefield Hardline PS4 + Premium + PlayStation Plus 1 Year
  2. Battlefield Battlefield Hardline PS4 + Premium + PlayStation Plus 3 Months
  3. Hardline PS4 PlayStation + Battlefield 3 Months Plus

Call of Duty Ghosts

  1. PS Plus 1 Year + 500 € balance PSN
  2. PS Plus 3 Months + 200 € balance PSN
  3. PS Plus 3 Months + € 100 balance PSN

War Thunder

  1. PS Plus 1 Year
  2. PS Plus 3 Months
    1. PS Plus 3 Months

Additional prizes may be awarded for short-term tournaments to be programmed at a later date.

An Important First Step in eSports

PlayStation Official League eSports
PlayStation Official League eSports

Sony Computer Entertainment Spain’s solution is an important first step for video game consoles. This nation-wide tournament will provide real world prizes to gamers, rewarding them for their engagement and skill within each game.

Video Game Cash Tournaments
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There are many features to consider for the future, such as integrating the tournament into the console’s dashboard. Further, leaderboards today only highlight the top performers on the platform – more relative leaderboards: by city, skillset and experience should be considered to make more players feel engaged than just the best performing.

Perhaps success in Spain will warrant additional investment by Sony, with a more automated solution rolling out in additional countries in the future. Each year eSports become more valuable to the game industry – for driving game sales, collecting mainstream media coverage and with keeping gamers engaged. This first step will bring the console players a step closer to the PC industry, in a long game of catch-up.

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