Xbox Content Goes Multiplatform: Microsoft Announces Tablet Support

The Examiner announced the first major pre-E3 scoop Sunday evening, revealing that Microsoft will unveil “Xbox Smart Glass”, a tablet software available for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Windows that will let users access Xbox software directly from their tablets.

The app will stream content, such as “Youtube/Netflix/VEMO,” directly to tablets and phones associated with a user’s Xbox. The company’s E3 demo is expected to be limited – they will not be showing live streaming at the show, and it is not understood yet if this app will support streaming of games as well.

While the full capabilities of the app are still unknown, it highlights the ability to use consoles as local cloud hubs, rendering content and streaming data back to smaller client devices. Nintendo’s Wii U takes a similar approach, rendering all graphics on the console plugged into the TV, then streaming compressed video to Wii U’s tablet. E3 rumors point to Sony taking a different approach, using remote cloud centers far from the user’s home, to render PS1 and PS2 games, and then stream them over the internet to the PS3.

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