Lifetime Console Sales Figures

28% of Xbox Owners are Kinecting

Ahead of E3, Xbox’s new CMO, Yusef Mehdi, revealed a number of details on the status of the Xbox platform.

Despite a history in videogames of add-ons rarely reaching large installed bases, Kinect is now in 19 million homes, out of a total of 67 million Xbox consoles. While 19 million Kinected homes still isn’t a fully mass-market customer base, it is large enough for developers and publishers to target the platform consistently going forward with a percent of their portfolio.

The company also pulled together console sales for everything from Playstation 1 to Xbox 360, showing lifetime sales for the consoles over the duration of their lifespan.  It’s a great chart that highlights the rise and fall of the systems.

Lifetime Console Sales Figures

For comparison’s sake I did some research on the Wii, and found a similar sell-through rate on Nintendo’s (although more affordable) Wii Fit board.  By the end of March 2012, Nintendo shipped a lifetime total of 95 million Wiis.  The only public numbers for Wii Fit boards date back to November of 2010, with Nintendo shipping 32 million Wii Fit boards.  Even if Nintendo did not ship a Wii Fit board since November of 2010, the company has a similar penetration rate of 33%. However, Wii Fit has only seen liimted success as a platform for third-party developers and publishers.

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  1. There is an enormous problem with this chart. Note the title – “Normalized US Console Hardware”. This means that the comparison of the magnitude of the different lines is meaningless. They graphed out Xbox sales, set the axes, and then normalized other systems graphs to look like the Xbox’s magnitude of sales. This maintains the trends (the slopes of the graphs are always positive, negative, and zero in the right places) but it misleads the viewer into believing that, since all the magnitudes are equal, only the trends matter. Just awful, awful marketing trick.

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