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This is Why Nintendo Mobile Wins as a DeNA Partnership

Nintendo mobile games will be stronger now that the company is partnering with DeNA, as I recently wrote in a guest-post at SuperData Research.

Despite being a leading game maker during most of our lifetimes, Nintendo has no experience in the areas that matter most on mobile: free-to-play monetization, mobile user acquisition, and iterative updates to games as a service:

“You can count the number of free-to-play games released by Nintendo on one hand, and none of them are internally researched and iterated on a daily basis like today’s leading free-to-play titles…  The company also has no experience with mobile user acquisition, the critical marketing function of mobile game companies.”

DeNA will also see lower customer acquisition costs due to the strength of Nintendo’s IP (CONSULGAMER believes Mario and Pikachu will convert more customers than Kim Kardashian), and Nintendo’s investment enables the company to profit in the long-term off the boost in recognition Nintendo mobile properties will bring to DeNA.

The full article can be read at SuperData.

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