Tablet Game Revenue

Tablet Game Revenue Growth Makes 2014 the The Year of the Tablet

Tablet game revenue growth is expected to jump 58% in 2014, grossing $7.6 billion in global revenue by the end of the year. The revised estimates from analysis firm New Zoo reflect updated performance measured throughout prior months in 2014.

Continued tablet game revenue growth is forecasted for next year, when tablet devices will gross a total of $10 billion in revenue, with a 32% annual growth rate.

The increase comes as growth on mobile devices decelerates.

Forecasted Growth for Tablet Game Revenue and Mobile Game Revenue

2014 2015
Mobile 35% 17%
Tablets 58% 32%

By 2016, tablets are expected to make up a third of all game revenue between tablets and other mobile devices.

Tablet Game Revenue
Tablet Game Revenue

The data by analysis firm Newzoo indicates an ongoing shift towards tablets.

“In mature Western markets, we see the battle between iOS and Android shifting toward tablets. In most of these countries, including the US, Android smartphones gross more revenues than the iPhone, but the iPad keeps iOS ahead in overall mobile game spending,” said Peter Warman, CEO of Newzoo.

The iPad remains the dominant revenue-generator for games, although Newzoo notes Amazon’s Kindle Fire is a winner for game developers.

“Android tablets seem to be in the same position its smartphones were in 4 years ago: fragmented in terms of device specs and a lower share of game and average spending,” noted Warman. “Amazon’s Kindle Fire is an exception, scoring high on both KPIs, but for now the iPad maintains its lead taking the lion’s share of tablet game revenues.”

Source: Newzoo

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