Paid Game Apps on Android

Data: You’ll Never Sell Paid Game Apps for Android

Paid game apps for Android may seem like a healthy offering given the maturity of mobile games and apparent demand for more thorough game experiences on mobile, but not according to recent data from DFC Intelligence and Priori Data.

Free Game Downloads on Google Play and iOS
Free game downloads are common on both Google Play and iOS.

The numbers are remarkable – despite Google Play accounting for 58% of free game downloads against iOS’s 42%, the percent of Google Play game downloads that are paid game apps doesn’t even reach double digits. Only 5% of all paid game apps occur on Android, according to Priori Data’s numbers.

Paid Game Apps for Android
Paid game apps for Android are rarely downloaded, increasing pressure for developers to release Free to Play products on Google Play.,

In global markets, the numbers are the same: Google Play’s share of paid app purchases is only 5% in Japan, 6% in Germany and 7% in Brazil.

This data should drive game developer strategies significantly.  Developers should only release paid game apps for iOS, and should only consider Free to Play product releases on Android.  Paid game apps for Android will only have a limited market size, given consumer demand.

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