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Global Mobile CPI and ARPPU Data

This actual global mobile CPI and ARPPU data will help bring your game to a global market.

It’s easier than ever to release a game globally, with app-store access available for most registered businesses and online translation services that will quickly update your assets.

But around the world the cost to acquire loyal users varies greatly, as does the wallet spend of each user per month.

The data points below specifically provide:

  • Cost-per-install per loyal gamer
  • Average-revenue-per-paying-user (monthly)
  • Year-over-year-growth (in revenue)

For a breakdown of acronyms such as CPI and ARPU, please read our primer.

Global Mobile CPI and ARPU (by Region)

Region iOS CPI Android CPI ARPU YoY Growth
North America $3.78 $2.30 $6.21 25%
Western Europe $2.49 $2.01 $4.95 25%
Middle East & Africa $1.58 $0.80 $0.54 33%
Eastern Europe (Russia) $2.26 $1.53 $1.53 36%
Eastern Europe (Others) $1.33 $0.74
APAC (Australia, S. Korea, Japan) $3.09 $3.06 $4.17 21%
APAC (Others) $1.61 $1.16
LATAM (Brazil, Mexico) $1.51 $0.76 $0.74 60%
LATAM (Others) $1.17 $0.45

Regions with low ARPPU but high mobile CPIs  require long-term engagement of players for many months, while other markets like North America and Western Europe monetize users more quickly.

Today’s data comes from a joint-report released by Applift (6/2014) and Newzoo (H1 2014).

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