Female Monetization Metrics

Data: Females Monetize Better Than Males

Females using mobile apps are likely to spend more and stay with your game longer, according to new female monetization metrics data. A new study by Flurry indicates stronger metrics for female gamers across three key metrics: in-app purchases, time spent in a game, and 7-day retention.

Female Monetization Metrics
Female Monetization Metrics

“We found that females spend more time and more money on mobile games, and are also more loyal to these games than men,” noted Simon Khalaf, Flurry’s CEO.

Females spend 35% more time with apps than males, and are 42% more likely to still use an app seven days later than males.  They’re also 31% more likely to spend money within an app.

The report was built based on activity logged in games across 1.1 million devices on the Flurry platform.

CONSULGAMER recently reported on mobile game genre preferences by gender. Click here for the full breakdown of gender preferences for mobile games.

Source: Flurry

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