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Video: A White Label Video Game Service

Building a mobile game network from scratch is hard, but brands with audiences can use white label video game services to bring a range of games directly to consumers they already have relationships with.

Today’s video is a presentation by Nancy Macintyre, founder and CEO of Fingerprint, describing the company’s technology that leverages a deep library of games for a white label video game service.

The company manages a deep library of educational content, and licenses a service out to companies like Samsung, Cricket and Cartoon Network who can brand the Fingerprint network and sell it directly to their own consumers.

This nineteen minute video is an excellent case study on the power of partnerships in the video game industry:

Why Use a White Label Video Game Service?

Fingerprint’s white label video game service includes:

  • Customized and branded network with partner specific content
  • Ability to self-manage network or outsource to Fingerprint
  • Deliverable to mobile devices, smart TVs, set-top boxes and OTT devices
  • Single sign-on functionality for authenticated subscribers
  • Access to full Fingerprint content and app library (games, e-books, videos)
  • Localized for regional language(s)

Can’t a Company Build Their Own Mobile Games Network?

By outsourcing the mobile network management to Fingerprint, established brands do not have to invest heavily in managing any of the following network requirements:

Platform Building:

  • Platform design & development
  • Updates & regular patches
  • Localization/Customization

Content Acquisition:

  • Deal with global/local kid content developers
  • Operating in-bound app submission & review channel
  • Market analysis

Developer Support:

  • Operating developer site / online Q&A
  • SDK integration
  • Localization


  • QA
  • App submission to app store

Service Ops:

  • Develop & manage subscription model
  • Real-time data report (user retention & engagement)
  • Revenue report


  • Marketing to Kids content developer network
  • User acquisition & retention at the network level

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