CONSULGAMER is a collection of words from a consultant.

Bryan CashmanBypassing saturated news stories, CONSULGAMER seeks to highlight overlooked video game stories that busy industry watchers should follow.

The author, Bryan Cashman, is a fifteen-year veteran in the video game industry. As Deloitte Consulting’s video game subject matter expert, Bryan was recognized by Consulting Magazine as a Top 30 Consultant Under 30, and was a member of the Casual Games Association’s Leadership Committee, the Interactive Advertising Bureau and the IGDA. Subsequently, at Gerson Lehrman Group, Bryan managed custom research in the technology, media and telecom industries, and led the buildout of research offerings for video game investors.

Bryan is currently a Manager at The North Highland Company, providing consulting services to leading media companies in areas such as project management, enterprise transformation and gamification. Articles on this site represent Bryan’s personal opinion, and do not necessarily represent The North Highland Company’s positions, strategies or opinions.

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