CS Racing Monetization

Premium Revenue for Premium Mobile Games

NaturalMotion announced that the company is currently bringing in $12mm a month for its free to play iOS game. As reported by Inside Mobile Apps, that works out to $400,000 a day.

By now we’ve all seen screenshots and video for CSR Racing, NaturalMotion’s HD racing title that’s an easy-to-win over hardware tech demo for iPad and iPhone users.

CS Racing Monetization

Development budgets and efforts are still limited on mobile when compared to the traditional console players, but that may change as the market for premium content proves itself.

Inside Mobile Apps also captured the company’s CEO, Tornsten Reil, on the game’s monetization strategy:

“We need people to be part of the game, rather than feel that there is this kind of second part of the game where you have to pay money but its kind of tacked on,” he says. “It doesn’t help us if the user feels like they are getting nickeled and dimed. We want the person to feel good about the whole game experience. Doing that is not trivial. We iterated a lot. That for us, has created an ARPDAU that we hadn’t been close to achieving before.”

User spending in CSR Racing is also quite evenly distributed says Reil, who tells us the game has a strong conversion rate. A large portion of players spend what he describes as “good amounts” of money, meaning the game isn’t relying on whales or a small amount of hyper-addicted users to generate its income.

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