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With Callvention, Our Industry Coverage Just Got More Personal

CONSULGAMER is continuing under a new brand, and this time you can do more than just read about inside stories of the video game industry. Now known as Callvention, we’re also a platform to connect you directly with the people who helped make your favorite games.

My writing will continue at Callvention, where I recently analyzed some exclusive photos of design documents from the original Super Mario Bros. Like CONSULGAMER, I’m supported by guest posts from industry professionals, most recently with a post by a Ubisoft designer on Journey, and a post by the technical director responsible for reverse engineering a Wonder Boy title.

Have a Phone Call with a Game Developer

But Callvention stands on its own by enabling you to make phone calls with video game veterans. We’ve assembled designers from some of history’s biggest games, including game series like Ultima, Sonic the Hedgehog, Guitar Hero, Halo and Call of Duty. For the cost of a meal out, you can have a 1-on-1 phone call with someone who helped make a favorite game of yours. We’re adding more speakers everyday, and so far the calls have been very rewarding.

Our game maker speakers will talk with you about what it was like making your favorite games, answer questions about odd design decisions, and give you their opinion on a game you love.

Here are just some of the games our game makers worked on and will discuss on a phone call.

Take the leap and jump over to our site, where you can finally get closer to your favorite games.

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